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All our tests require less than 30 min hands-on work. PCR running time varies according to the test. Check the test’s instruction manual for more details.

Our tests contain all the necessary components for collecting samples and running the tests (DNA extraction tools, reagents, and PCR tubes). 

To run the tests, you will also need some reusable equipment and supplies (refer to each test’s instruction manual for the complete list of necessary materials).

The easiest way to start your lab is to purchase an Equipment Bundle

It is important to choose the correct Equipment Bundle to match the test’s platform (fluoPCR™ or gelPCR™). For example, if you are running a fluoPCR™ test (e.g., Y-spotter Plant DNA Sex Test), fluoPCR™ Starter Bundle and fluoPCR™ Premium Bundle are the right choice. If you are running a gelPCR™ test (e.g., Ball Python Lavender Albino DNA Test) you will need the gelPCR™ Bundle.

If you are unsure, contact us and we’d be happy to guide you!

Running your own tests offers convenience and time-saving benefits. You will no longer need to send your samples to an external laboratory. This means you can get results faster, reduce costs, and avoid possible shipping mishaps.

Follow the steps described in each test’s instruction manual. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at or  schedule a free video call here


You can place your order online through our website or by contacting our orders team on the phone.

We typically ship orders within 48 hours. Equipment and supplies ship UPS ground and orders with tests and reagents ship overnight on ice. Please note that we do no ship reagents on Thursdays or Fridays.

You will receive a tracking number with your order confirmation email.

Follow the recommendations in the instruction manuals. As a general rule, the reagents should be stored in the freezer (-20 °C ) upon arrival. 


Buy in bulk! We offer special discounts for bulk orders of tests and equipment. Contact us with an inquiry at We also encourage you to check out our Equipment Bundles, the most convenient option for starting your in-house lab. Furthermore, we occasionally offer discounts or promotions, so be sure to sign up for our newsletter to stay updated on any special offers!