Learning Lab Companion Kit

SKU: KT-1510-01


Microtubes and gel electrophoresis consumables for running the gelPCR™ tests! 

A handy bundle of all the consumables you need to complete a kit of 38 gelPCR™ tests.

  • 50 microtubes (1.5 mL)
  • 100 PCR tubes
  • 5.1 g vial of TBE electrophoresis buffer powder (sufficient to make 600 ml of 1X TBE buffer)
  • 8 SeeGreen™ All-in-one Agarose Tabs™. Sufficient for 8 gels (2%) or up to 16 gels (1%) for the blueGel™blueGel™ electrophoresis with built-in transilluminator system.

SeeGreen™ All-in-one Agarose Tabs™ Features

  • All-in-one tabs: SeeGreen™ stain and TBE buffer included
  • Convenient format – no weighing required
  • Fast dissolving – gels ready to pour in seconds
  • High transparency and low background
  • Stable at room temperature for 3 years

Consumambles and Reagents
Item Quantity
SeeGreen™ All-in-one Agarose Tabs™ 8
1.5 mL microtubes 50
TBE electrophoresis buffer powder - makes 600 mL 1
PCR tubes 100