miniPCR® mini8X thermal cycler (4-unit bundle)

SKU: QP-1000-48


A set of four portable 8-well PCR thermal cyclers featuring USB and Bluetooth connectivity. Run up to 48 samples at the time!

Small and portable, the mini8 thermal cycler fits right on your bench and travels wherever your science goes. With 8-well capacity per unit, plus the latest technology and design for peak performance and durability, mini8X is the ultimate miniPCR® thermal cycler. Run up to 48 samples at the time with this 4-unit bundle!

Item Quantity
miniPCR® mini8X thermal cycler 4
Universal voltage power supply 4
Drawstring travel pouch 4
USB-C to USB-C cable 4
AC cord (US-style pins)* 4

Note: * AC cord customizable to other geographies, inquire for more information.