SeeGreen™ All-in-One Agarose Tabs™, 20 pcs.

SKU: RG-1500-20


All-in-one tablets with pre-measured agarose, TBE, and SeeGreen™ stain.

Add water, boil, and pour! 

All-in-one tabs with pre-measured agarose, SeeGreen™ nucleic acid stain, and the TBE buffer needed to cast electrophoresis gels. SeeGreen™ All-in-One Agarose Tabs™ contain SeeGreen™ stain to facilitate DNA or RNA visualization under safe blue light, making them ideal for use with the blueGel™ system, or any other electrophoresis system.

Packaged in a convenient blister pack, these tabs are ideal for routine DNA and RNA gel electrophoresis including separation of PCR products. With 0.4 g agarose per tab, one box is sufficient to cast 40 1% gels or 20 2% gels for the blueGel™ system (20 ml). Stable at room temperature for 2 years.

SeeGreen™ All-in-One Agarose Tabs™ Features

  • All-in-one tabs: Agarose, SeeGreen™ stain, TBE buffer
  • Cast 20 gels (2%) to 40 gels (1%) per box
  • Ideal for DNA and RNA visualization with blue light or UV
  • Fast dissolving—gels ready to pour in seconds without weighing or mixing
  • High transparency, low background, high sensitivity (0.2 ng DNA or 1 ng total RNA)
  • Stable at room temperature for 2 years