Y-spotter™ Cannabis Sex Test

SKU: DX-0420-01


Y-spotter Cannabis DNA Sex Test allows early sex determination for Cannabis plants.

This kit provides enough material for 60 tests plus 4 controls.

Results in less than 90 minutes, with only 20 min hands on for up to 16 tests.


Save money, time, and space in your greenhouse by knowing plant sex sooner than by visual inspection!


Note: Necessary equipment and supplies (e.g., microtubes and micropipette tips) for running this fluoPCR test are sold separately. Check out the fluoPCR™ Starter Bundle and the fluoPCR™ Premium Bundle for starting your lab. 

Y-spotter™ Cannabis DNA Sex Test is a molecular test for the detection of male Cannabis sativa plants. Y-spotter™ Cannabis DNA Sex Test is a fluoPCR™ test: green fluorescence indicates presence of male DNA. Indeed, fluoPCR™ combines PCR with target-specific probes that will fluoresce if the amplification the target gene occurred successfully. This technique enables direct visualization of the PCR result.

Y-spotter™ Cannabis DNA Sex Test (60 tests) provides enough material for testing 60 leaves plus 4 controls. The kit includes reagents, PCR tubes, and punches for sampling the leaves.

This kit provides material for 60 tests and 4 controls.

Reagents and supplies 60 tests kit
2X AMPDTM Enzyme 1 tube
2X CannSexTM Probe 1 tube
Y-spotterTM Positive Control 1 tube
Strips of 8 PCR tubes 8 strips
Disposable Punches 1 box

Note: Common lab supplies such as microtubes, micropipette tips, parchment paper, and gloves are not included. Equipment and other lab supplies necessary for running this fluoPCR™ assay are sold separately. Check out our Equipment Bundles for fluoPCR™ containing necessary equipment and lab supplies. Browse the Instruction Manual for more information.