blueBox™ S Transilluminator with Imaging Hood

SKU: QP-1700-01


Visualize DNA, RNA, and proteins at work right in the palm of your hand.

The blueBox™ S transilluminator enables safe and efficient visualization of nucleic acids with high sensitivity right on your bench. Compatible with all major safe green nucleic acids stains including GelGreen® and SYBR dyes, it supports downstream applications such as cloning, sequencing, and library preparation, as well as fluoPCR™ tests result detection. The included Fold-a-View™ Imaging Hood allows for easy benchtop gel documentation. Unlike UV-light transilluminators, no protective goggles or equipment are required. Say goodbye to ethidium bromide and harmful UV light!

Item Quantity
Transilluminator with high-intensity LED illuminator panel (96 blue LEDs) and integrated orange filter 1
Fold-a-View™ photo documentation hood 1
12 V power adaptor (US style pins)* 1

Note: * International version of the power adaptor available upon request.