GELATO™ electrophoresis and visualization system

SKU: QP-1600-01



Electrophoresis for scientists with great taste™. GELATO™ integrates gel electrophoresis and a blue light transilluminator so you can run, view, snap, and cut bands – all in one system!

Meet GELATO™, a professional grade gel electrophoresis system with an integrated blue-light
transilluminator. With the GELATO™ system, you can separate nucleic acids at ultra-fast speed,
instantaneously view eye-popping bands, snap pictures and cut bands right on your bench. All
in one device! Get publication-quality results in a compact, space-saving footprint.


  • Ultra-fast, high-capacity system – run up to 50 lanes at a time
  • Built-in power supply with adjustable voltage settings 50-135 volts
  • Multi-channel compatible
  • Compatible with commonly used buffers: TAE, TBE, SB, etc.
  • Timer function
  • Safety feature including automatic current shut-off when cover is removed


  • Integrated transilluminator for real-time DNA visualization
  • High-intensity LED panel for eye-popping bands
  • Safe blue light compatible with safe nucleic acid stains including SeeGreen™, GelGreen® , SYBR®


  • Direct on-bench image capture
  • Fold-a-View™ photo documentation hood included – a portable, foldable darkroom!


  • Orange goggles and cutting tray included
  • Adjustable light intensity for safe, direct gel excision
  • Compatible with downstream applications

Assembled in the USA and backed by a 2-year warranty.

Item Quantity
Electrophoresis power console 1
Built-in transilluminator 1
Light-filtering buffer chamber with platinum electrodes 1
Cover with DNA visualization filter 1
Casting platform with room for 3 gel trays 1
Small casting trays (60 mm x 60 mm) 2
Large casting trays (120 mm x 60 mm) 2
Double-sided combs (18 + 13 wells) 2
Double-sided combs (26 + 25 wells) 2
Gel excision kit including gel-cutting tray and DNA visualization goggles 1
ClearView™ Spray and lens cleaning cloth 1
Fold-a-View™ photo documentation hood 1
SeeGreen® Agarose Tabs™: all-in-one tabs (agarose, GelGreen®, TBE) 2
Universal AC power adapter (110-240 V, available with US type-A or International pins)* 1

Note: * Universal voltage available, inquire for more information.